LAT/AUTh carries a 25+ year long tradition in the field of characterization & control of automotive exhaust emissions. Valuable experience has been gained through close collaborations with the automotive and fuel industry as well as suppliers of exhaust after-treatment systems. Today, LAT/AUTh carries out high-level applied and basic research, facilitated by both experimental and modeling techniques used in a complimentary way. The experimental equipment is regularly updated, in order to support high quality measurements regarding real time gaseous and particulate emissions from engines and vehicles. These measurements are routinely carried out on the basis of legislated protocols (driving cycles), whereas R&D services are supported by flexibly customized testing protocols. State-of-the-art equipment is also available for the characterization of the physical and chemical properties of particulate emissions.

Role in the project

The following main tasks have been attributed to LAT/AUTh:

  1. Coordination of the DownToTen project on the basis of the past experience developed in a number of EC funded research projects. Considering only the research projects dealing with automotive emissions and particles, LAT/AUTh has coordinated collaborative projects like PARTICULATES, EPONIMOS and ICT-Emissions.

  2. Significant contribution to WP2, WP3 and WP4 in reviewing relevant literature, conducting vehicle testing and development of aerosol simulation tools, respectively.

  3. Leader of WP5 and WP6, with main objective to summarise the findings from previous WPs, and to articulate and disseminate recommendations for future emission regulations and for corresponding R&D on engines and emission control systems (incl. after treatment).


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