Ricardo UK Ltd (Ricardo)

Ricardo is a leading independent technology provider and strategic consultant to the world’s transportation sector and clean energy industries, with over 2700 people employed in offices in the UK, USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, India and Korea. The company’s engineering expertise ranges from vehicle systems integration, controls, electronics and software development, to the latest driveline and transmission systems and gasoline, diesel, hybrid and fuel cell powertrain technologies. Our services extend to solutions for conventional and renewable power generation, energy storage and distribution, and also environmental consulting focused on air quality, chemical risk, climate change, resource efficiency, water and waste management. Ricardo is also a manufacturer of premium low volume advanced engines and transmissions at locations in the UK.

Role in the project

The following main tasks have been attributed to Ricardo:

Ricardo will provide test capabilities and deep prior knowledge on particle measurement regulations and influences on particle production and measurement. Ricardo will provide technical input to calibration and related activities based upon their extensive experience of calibrating, and developing calibration approaches for, <23nm non-volatile particle measurement approaches for regulations. This will include input on aerosol generation, stability, neutralisation and reference measurement. Ricardo commercial activities includes conducting on- and off-site calibrations for the two main instrument manufacturers.

Moreover, Jon Andersson, acting as a Golden Engineer, will travel between the various laboratories, at the request of the ‘Project Managers’, to assist in continuity between work-packages and aid in communication where workpackages overlap. This will be a role analogous to that undertaken during the PMP programme.

Ricardo UK Ltd (Ricardo)

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