November 11th, 2017

PMP meetings

Document PMP-43-10. Down to Ten: Measuring automotive exhaust particles down to 10 nanometres - Project update. Submitted by: EC and JRC. Meeting Session: Informal Group for the Particle Measurement Programme | Session 43 | 15-16 Mar 2017. Document date: 15 Mar 17 (Posted 15 Mar 17)

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April 16th, 2018

TRA 2018

Find us at TRA2018A prototype dilution system was developed. The DownToTen (DTT) system consists of one (hot or cold) porous tube dilutor, one catalytic stripper (exchangeable), one cold porous dilutor and an additional dilution (if required). The DTT dilution system was found to be a good vehicle to base the further activities of the project.

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