Futuris "DOWNTOTEN" on Euronews TV channel


Watch the presentation of DownToTen program on "Futuris" a weekly TV program on EU-sponsored research projects, broadcasted on Euronews TV channel and online (http://www.euronews.com/programs/futuris), in cooperation with the European Commission DG RTD and DG CNECT.

The story will go on air starting on 21:55 CET on Monday 4 February.

Approximate airing schedule of Futuris on Euronews (changes are possible in case of breaking news and other emergencies):

    Monday 4 February: 21:55
    Tuesday 5 February :  01:55, 13:55, 17:55
    Wednesday 6 February: 10:55, 16:55
    Thursday 7 February: 14:55, 17:55
    Friday 8 February: 11:55, 15:25
    Saturday 9 February: 07:55, 12:15, 22:15
    Sunday 10 February: 10:45, 20:45

Soon after the broadcast, the program will be published in multiple languages on the website: http://www.euronews.com/programs/futuris/ 

and on the Euronews' YouTube channels https://youtu.be/0MepBTw-AkY

(you can find it by entering the name of the story on Euronews.com website into YouTube search).

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